Research Papers by Andrew Sobczyk

  1. Research Problems
  2. Canonical Placement of Simplicies
  3. Graphical Difference Sets and Projective Planes
  4. Convex Polygons
  5. On the Curtiss Nonsingularity Condition in Harmonic Polynomial Interpolation
  6. Stabilization of Carrier-Frequency Servomechanism II
  7. Extensions of Functionals on Complex Linear Spaces
  8. An Equivalent Condition For Uniform Convergence
  9. Minkowski Planes
  10. More Progress to Madness Via "Eight Blocks"
  11. Partitions Induced by Linear Function-Spaces
  12. A Property of Algebraic Homogeneity For Linear Function Spaces
  13. Planar Line Families I
  14. Symmetical Types of Convex Regions
  15. The Ranges of Additive Set Functions
  16. Rank-Sets and Rank-Spaces of Linear Function Spaces
  17. Simple Families of Lines
  18. Some Unsymmetric Combinatorial Numbers
  19. Extension Properties of Banach Spaces
  20. Stabilization of Carrier-Frequency Servomechanism I
  21. The Simple Dimension of a Topological Space
  22. Stabilization of Carrier-Frequency Servomechanism III
  23. Graph-Colouring and Combinatorial Numbers
  24. Equivalence of an Identity in Vector Analysis to Quaternion Associativity, and Ramifications